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“Such is the human experience. The longing to be together, to be fully understood, to be loved and taken care of when we need it most — such is the heart’s longing in all of us.”

~Daniel Gottlieb, Ph.D.
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We're all called. If you're here breathing, you have a contribution to make to our human community. The real work of your life is to figure out your function - your part in the whole - as soon as possible, and then get about the business of fulfilling it as only you can.

socks and cat


Would anyone like to go see Josh Groban with me on August 28th?

And can anyone tell me where the best seats are in Key Arena?

socks and cat

jury duty

I got a jury summons. I would like to do my civic duty and show up. I've done it before and I'll do it again. But the business would fall apart if I was not here. I'm the only admin, number cruncher, new location set up supervisor, new location scout, receptionist, registrar, marketing director, website updater, contract negotiator, customer service rep and sales person this business has. Do you think if I wrote a letter explaining that the business can't run without someone here doing all those things that they might let me out of jury duty? It's either that or show up for one day and prejudice myself. But I would have to do that on about 4 hours sleep since they make you show up so early.