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Girl who dances in a cage

Pole OD'ed

My hands are getting calloused and I have extra bruises...all over. Basically my first work out ever in the new dance studio was out of control. I couldn't stop, and just kept going and going even when I was so exhausted my muscles were starting to feel like spaghetti.

You see, giving a pole addict her very own dance studio with 3 poles is a bit like giving a drug addict his own crack house with 3 times the drugs he's used to. He'll basically never come out of there, and probably OD on all the extra drugs. I OD'ed on the poles. I went from pole to pole to pole, getting used to them and testing them and playing on them. Now I feel like a truck hit me...and ran over my hands.

The pole I've been using for last 2 1/2 years is from I'm happy with it. The chrome finish is smooth and the ceiling mount keeps it stable no matter what you do on it.

For my pole school I ordered these "Super Poles" from

super pole

First of all they didn't bother to tell me when I ordered them that even though they are removable and don't require a bolt in the ceiling, there is a hole in the top mount plate and optional bolt to make it more stable. Had they told me this, I would have ordered the bolt too. One little small hole in the ceiling to insure the stability of the pole and safety of my students is a fair trade. Fortunately we found a bolt that would fit at Home Depot. I put one up with the bolt (for student use) and one without (for my use, a demonstration pole only). The one without a bolt had to be tightened so much to make it secure that it won't spin like it is supposed to when we took out the pin that converts it to a spinning pole. But that's okay, we still have one other spinning pole in the studio.

And speaking of spinning, oh my god, it never stops. I mean the spinning pole at the Vogue loses it's momentum after a while and lets you stop spinning at some point. This one, well, you just jump up on it and it spins and spins and spins forever. It's like you can never stop unless you put your feet back down on the ground. That's not fun. I don't know if I'll ever use the spinning feature.

Also it's steel instead of chrome. Maybe that explains why it has more texture instead of the perfect smooth finish of my chrome pole. I don't like the texture at all. Students won't notice it. But I'm a pole connoisseur now so I'm very aware of even the little ripples in the metal.

Don't get me wrong, it's a good product. And they sell brass poles, which really are ideal. They just aren't portable like the model that I purchased. And if you want a pole that you can pack up and take to parties, this is really the only one on the American market that will do the job without having to be bolted to the ceiling in any way. But they are heavier than the chrome pole and the finish is not as smooth or as nice as the chrome or brass poles. We'll see how it works out. I'll be using them for quite some time.

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