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Kitten & Duncan

Boots! Boots! Pretty shiney PVC boots!!!!

Yeah, I know I've made a lot of posts today. Last one today I promise! Well, maybe one more before bed tonight.

Anyway, found a couple great PVC boot tops online today. Both under $20. I need help choosing one. Note that these are boot tops only, not actual boots. You tuck them into your favorite pair of PVC shoes or ankle high boots and it creates the illusion of wearing thigh high boots. A great option for girl like me on a budget. Also great for dancers as they can change shoes half way through their shift (dancing in the same shoes for 3 hours straight can hurt) but still look like they are wearing the same boots.

I like boot number one with the lace up front. They're unusual, not like anything I have seen worn at the Vogue or Mercury yet. And I love things that lace up! Boot number two appears to fit tight and they cost $5 less. But I already have that exact pair of boot tops in pleather. So it's kind of repetitive. But if they're sexy, maybe it doesn't matter.

Cast your votes please. Comments (explaining your choice) are appreciated.

Poll #188532 Choose my boots

Which boot tops should I buy?

#1 with the lace-up front
#2 solid tighter fitting boots



you know i like them both..

Re: boots?

You know what? I might just buy both!

Re: boots?

You didn't mention that as an option!

Re: boots?

Agreed. Buy both.
#1, It's simple, more 'Kitten skin.

Actually it is more complex than that, but you have covered most of the reasons in your post. You are a unique person, I've never seen boots like those before, so you would either stand out more or lead a trend. Yay you!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE anything that laces up (pppuurrrrrrr...) but, in my experience lace up stuff on legs gets ruined easily because of all the movement at the knees. How flexible is this fabric? Do you know? If its extra stiff, I'll vote for the solid ones because I susepect they'll hold up to your dancing better. If its softer, just like thick thigh-highs, I'll vote for the lace-ups since I think they'd be less likely to get buckle creases in the knee area.

:) I have the special gift of complicating ANYTHING. *beam*
Considering how cheaply priced the boots are, they are probably made of the cheapest quality PVC. I should buy both just in case one gets ruined. Yeah. Don't you just love the way I justified that?
Well done! An absolutely sound justification if I ever heard one. I'm impressed. ;)
I already have a PVC burn scar on the back of one thigh from doing the pole spinning while wearing PVC pants.

Would wearing fishnets under the lace-up ones decrease the chance of getting PVC burn?
I prefer option #2. I think they are sexier and sleeker
I agree with the comments that the firsts ones will probley rip and be a hassle. They may look really cool laced up the back though, if you could some how turn them around cutting off the foot.
I like the 2nd pair best. They are sleek and catwomanish. But if you already have a pair like those, then get the lace ups. I think laces are sexy, and they might match your lacy arm things.
Since you already have a pair in the solid tight fit I'd go with the lace up, although overall I think I prefer the solids better for look. Ah what the hell, buy em both...it's just money right?
Sounds like a plan!

Hey, how did you find my journal? And are you named after this fella?:

Methos picture
the_black_drop then transcendence1 was looking at one of his posts and saw your cool cat icon. The one with the missing image logo.

And quite probably, after all, he's the most @$$ kickingest immortal there is.
I prefer this guy:


But I most certainly would not kick Methos out of bed! :)

I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

Personally I'm just in love with his accent. Besides Methos is cool cause he falls in the grey area of the realm of good and bad. No maniacal evul that you just know is gonna lose and no big boyscout syndrome.

Re: I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

Chaotically neutral?

Re: I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

Most definitely.

"Sometimes he's a good guy and sometimes he isn't. Sometimes he's a good guy in spite of himself; sometimes he really doesn't want to be a good guy but still is, and regrets is afterwards. And other times he's a bad guy in exactly the same way - he doesn't want to be but his appetite and his desires just take him over. I think that's great, it seems very human to me" - Peter Wingfield

Re: I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

Hey now, what about Xavier St. Cloud? Not only was he immortal he was also a pop star who could croon a mean little tune.

Re: I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

In that case, don't forget Felicia Martins. A beautiful immortal rockstar who seduced Richie Ryan and conned Duncan MacLeod.

Joan Jett

Re: I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

Yeah but my man Xavier was a recurring character.

Re: I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

Yes, but did he have sex with Richie Ryan!?

Okay fine, you want a recurring character? How about Hugh Fitzcairn? Immortal rock star and seducer of innocent mortal women.


Re: I doubt I'd kick either of them out either.

Okay, you got me with Hugh. The only other ones I can think of are Vanity, Sheena Easton, and Sandra Bernhard but they were all one-off chars as well.