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Boots! Boots! Pretty shiney PVC boots!!!!

Yeah, I know I've made a lot of posts today. Last one today I promise! Well, maybe one more before bed tonight.

Anyway, found a couple great PVC boot tops online today. Both under $20. I need help choosing one. Note that these are boot tops only, not actual boots. You tuck them into your favorite pair of PVC shoes or ankle high boots and it creates the illusion of wearing thigh high boots. A great option for girl like me on a budget. Also great for dancers as they can change shoes half way through their shift (dancing in the same shoes for 3 hours straight can hurt) but still look like they are wearing the same boots.

I like boot number one with the lace up front. They're unusual, not like anything I have seen worn at the Vogue or Mercury yet. And I love things that lace up! Boot number two appears to fit tight and they cost $5 less. But I already have that exact pair of boot tops in pleather. So it's kind of repetitive. But if they're sexy, maybe it doesn't matter.

Cast your votes please. Comments (explaining your choice) are appreciated.

Poll #188532 Choose my boots

Which boot tops should I buy?

#1 with the lace-up front
#2 solid tighter fitting boots

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