Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Friday night at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival

After 3 1/2 hours volunteering at the erotic art festival in heels, my feet hurt like they've never hurt before. I was expecting a sit down type greeter position but emailerin & I were given the task of walking about and mingling and directing the guests to the theatre and the bar and such. I enjoyed getting around and talking to everyone. But by the end of our shift I had to go home rather than stay and enjoy the exhibit. My feet felt like bloody stumps and I couldn't take another step.

sweetestkiss and cagekitten at the Seattle Erotic Art Festival


That's a "STAFF" ID badge on my thigh. I couldn't find a place to put it on the dress and folks recommended that I just stick it there. And that purple thing around my wrist is not an accessory. It's to identify me as "21 or over" so I could get into the bar. Because as we all know, I just turned 21. ;)

I was actually pretty self conscious about wearing such a revealing dress in a brightly lit gallery (I've only worn it before to a dark club). But my fears were quickly transformed to surprise at the incredible amount of positive attention the dress got me. I was treated like a celebrity. Every time I turned my head I caught some one taking my picture. Everyone looked at me wherever I went at the festival. Heads turned and people stopped me throughout the night to compliment me and my dress. Some folks at the bar even called us over to their table just so they could ogle and talk to me about how much they enjoyed it. I soon found that quite a few guys wanted to talk to me, and touching me also seemed to be a popular event that night. One guy told me he was just going to stand next to me all night so he could stare at me in the dress. Another thanked me profusely for wearing it. A couple folks suggested I should be on display along with all the other erotic art.

Truly, I felt like a celebrity all evening. And this is what I love so much about dressing up. I think we all have many facets and aspects of our personality. And costume or themed events like this give us the rare opportunity to really let one of those facets come out to play and shine and express itself. As a performance artist, there is surely a little movie start diva in there somewhere. And this was her night to come out and be recognized and be a reality for just a few hours before disappearing back into the many more common sense and conservative layers of myself. So yay! Yay indeed for self expression.

I'll be posting more pics from the festival soon. emailerin also looked fabulous and got lots of compliments everywhere we went!

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