Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

the dress adventure

So last night I finally had a chance to wear THE dress. Yes indeed, its maiden voyage. It was quite an adventure. I wore it to the Mercury last night and ladies, words just can't describe the incredible feeling you get when you take off your long coat to reveal your outfit and you hear a man say, "Oh my god!" It makes you feel mighty powerful.

It was quite scary the first time I went out on the dance floor in the dress. One of my handsome escorts had to join me on the dance floor just so I wouldn't be self conscious. I do twist and bend quite a bit when I dance and I was fearful the entire time of that magic split up the dress that doesn't end, just revealing a little too much. To relax I finally had to give myself the mantra over and over a few times: Remember, you're wearing're wearing underwear...they're not going to see're wearing're wearing're wearing..."

Well guess what, said underwear failed me. Mind you it's a black thong made by Leg Avenue with clear plastic side straps, which help give the illusion that I'm not wearing any. Well in the ladies restroom I went to pull them off and one of the clear straps *snapped*!! I stood there in the bathroom stall aghast with my broken thong in my hand. I thought, my god what am I going to do!? My first thought was that the night was over and I would have to tell my two escorts that we were going home immediately. I'm WAY to shy to be wearing a dress like that with no underwear under it! But I finally remembered that the choker I was wearing was just extra rhinestone ribbon with a safety pin holding it together in back. I quickly made use of the safety pin and left the restroom with no choker anymore, but underwear that were precariously patched together. Fortunately this little resourceful repair lasted the rest of the night. And when it was time to leave the club and I went to put my coat back on, I had the pleasure of hearing one of my escorts object to me covering my dress with a firm but sorrowful, "No, no, no, no NO!!" Sweet indeed. But I was still vexed about the failure of my Leg Avenue underwear as we left the club and I could be heard muttering under my breath a few times, as we headed toward the car, "Leg Avenue can bite me!!!!!"

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