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And so the day begins...until my nap anyway

Funny thing how one e-mail can change your whole day. So NOT grumpy anymore. Unfortunately, still not able to go back to sleep now. And I really don't want to do this day on like 6 hours sleep. I'll try reading more of my Star Trek novel in bed with the electric blanket cranked up. Hopefully the heat, quiet and tranquility of a fun escapist book will lull me to sleep.

Oh, and concerning the novel (if there are any Voyager fans out there): Seven of Nine is not adapting well to life on earth. And Chakotay had to break off their new relationship for a while to give her time to find herself and her place on earth. I was kind of hoping Janeway and Chakotay would hook up. I'm only 45 pages into the novel. Maybe there is hope!

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