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In less than 24 hours I'll be go-go dancing at the Catwalk! I get PAID to dance in a cage...god that's SO cool!!!! It's Texan night and they promised "hot caged cowgirl dancers." I sewed the fringe on a tiny, barely there vest tonight. Tomorrow I need to polish the cowboy boots I borrowed and clean the cowboy hat. At Hot Topic I bought fishnets and hot pants to go with the PVC chaps my roommates got me for my birthday. I think I'm spending half of tomorrow night's earnings on the costume. Can't help it - it's SO much fun!

Today I picked up Dianna so we could do a last minute run to the thrift store in search of anymore cowboy like tops for my "work." She told me then that she had just been in a resale store that had a pair of thigh high PVC boots with high heels for only $29. I said, "what!? And you didn't call me from the store!?" She said no and I told her, "That's it. I'm revoking your girlfriend license for a month!!!" We promptly headed straight for the store in which she saw them, calling them on the cell phone on the way there so they would put them on hold. They were beyond high heeled, they were like this:

I tried them on and they were MY SIZE! They fit! I kept mumbling that I would buy them if I only had a job. Considered buying them anyway. I even called Goth Boy from my cell phone for his goth fashion opinion. He couldn't swing my vote either way, he just kept asking if I could afford them. Like that was going to stop me!

Finally I came to the conclusion that while some of my outfits are sexy, they are all kind of feminine and nice. And that wearing these boots, most likely with the fishnets and hot pants I had just purchased, would push my attire and and my image into the realm of actually being slutty. Or as I said to Dianna, there's a difference between dressing "come hither" and dressing "come fuck me." The boots fit into the latter category. I passed on them, with some reluctance. They would be nice for Halloween or a special occasion. But they weren't for everyday club wear. Not for me anyway. Some lucky girl will find them in the store this weekend for a mere $29.

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