Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Like a super hero, a kid and a goddess all at once

This morning I was able to bend back and straighten the fingers in my left hand without any pain to the tendons in my wrist. Swelling is down to minimal, if not nearly invisible. I'd say I'll be able to pole dance again by Saturday/Sunday. The plan is to practice at Vogue Sunday night because a couple of the tricks I've just learned require climbing to some height. But the pole in my room can only go as high as my ceiling; 8 feet. So I haven't been able to really practice the tricks correctly. The pole at the Vogue goes some 15 or 20 feet in the air. I wonder how high I'll be brave enough to climb and hang. This means NO drinking of course, and maybe a spotter. Anyone want to spot me Sunday night? Must be strong enough to catch me. ;)

The mild wrist injury has meant no pole dancing all this week. I even had to cancel my coaching session last night. No pole dancing means no working out this week, which has me unhappy. I thought about some walking or stair climbing or other exercise that doesn't require my wrist. But to be honest with you, every other form of working out is boring as hell to me.

The founder of the pole dancing school where I learned in LA once said that pole dancing makes you feel like a super hero, a kid and a goddess all at the same time. IT'S TRUE! And I honestly can't think of any other work out method that feels that way while you're doing it. Every other work out regimen pales in comparison to the fun and excitement of pole work. I'm spoiled. I just can't bring myself to work out any other way. So no exercise this week...until Saturday anyway.

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