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Girl who dances in a cage

pole progress update

My pole coach called in sick on Wednesday so I practiced at home on my own. I'm practically devouring the new stuff she teaches me and I can't wait to learn more. But honestly, the original reason I started working with her was so that I could finally do this one really amazing trick that I've seen pictures of some exotic dancers and former dancers doing: hanging from the pole without using their arms or legs.

Below the cut are three pictures of three different girls doing the same trick. All of them seem to do it just slightly different.

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After much practice I can actually hold this position on the pole now. But as I hold it, I very slowly descend down the pole. I'm trying desperately to just hold the position and be still on the pole. Once during practice while holding that position, I slid down a little faster than expected. *Thud!* right onto my back. Now this is the ONLY pole trick I practice with pillows on the floor next to the pole.

My coach told me to clench my muscles tighter so that my body will grip the pole and I won't slide down. Doing this makes a little bit of a difference, but mostly leaves my ribs bruised and sore from pressing into the pole so tight. I'm frustrated, but will continue to practice this trick. When I finally am able to hold myself steady and still upside down on the pole without using legs and arms, you'll hear me screaming with excitement from the roof tops!!
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