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Wow, what a full weekend. It started with pole practice Saturday morning because I missed practice on Friday night due to an unfortunate fortune-cookie binge. I got a lot of great fortunes though! Saturday afternoon mecracker and I headed off to deliciouspear's wedding. The cool thing about her wedding (other than the coolness of her finding the love of her life and marrying him) was that her invitation said to dress in a way that expressed ourselves and our flair. It even said, "If you're a goth, we expect UberBatCaver or full-on Victorian." It's not often that I get to do formal or elegant goth. Most of the events I go to are clubby and call for my usual glamour goth or my version of tarted up goth. Finally I had a chance to dress up!

The wedding was absolutely beautiful. deliciouspear's dress was made of patches of fabric collected from friends. I love that she made the dress so personal and it was like she was wearing the love and support of her friends as she walked down the isle, because parts of the dress were from them. Jordan, her groom, looked handsome in his period costume as well. And the guests were a delightful mix of young and old, goth and not-so-goth. And I ran into all kinds of people I haven't seen in ages.

Below the cut are some picks of the outfit I wore to the wedding:

I was coveting m_cobweb's dress. A gorgeous, deep red, body hugging, shimmery long dress. Doesn't she look stunning? If you look over her shoulder you can see the bride and groom on the dance floor.

All the pictures of us came out blurry.

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To see the rest of the wedding pictures I took, click here. But some of them are also blurry (I think my camera had an off day).

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