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Here's a pole dancing lesson for you

Oddly enough, of all the pictures taken of me pole dancing Friday night, my favorite one does not even show my face.


Perhaps it is because this picture is of the transition between two of my favorite and very provocative moves. You start standing with your legs apart and your pelvis right up against the pole. Then place your hands, opened palmed and downward, over the pole at crotch level. Then you slide down, pushing your body against the pole as you do. You'll naturally end up crouched on the floor with your knees apart. Keep the pole tightly between yourself and your hand as you slide down. It gives the illusion of basically having sex with the pole.

When you've gone down as far as you can go, reach up and grab the pole above your head. Then start to rise, but not straight up. Instead, twist and turn to create the effect of snaking up the pole. You basically start with your head tilted in one direction (you can see my head doing that in this picture) then your shoulders follow and your upper torso. But before your hips can follow, start snaking your head and shoulders in the opposite direction. You will twist and turn like an "S" up the pole.

Some one who witnessed my pole dance Friday night e-mailed me and told me:

"...when you dance like you did Friday night, you are pure and simple sex on a pole."

This gives me a LOT of hope about my future as a pole dancing teacher. My biggest concern is that my technique will not be adequate. It's still simplistic and sloppy at best. But this statement just sort of proves to me that you don't necessarily need flawless technique to look sexy up there. You just need ATTITUDE. If I can teach women attitude, I can make a living at this. I can't wait for pole dancing school in November. I'm looking forward to finding out how Sheila Kelley takes ordinary housewives and middle age women and teaches them how to have this kind of attitude. If she can do it...I can do it!

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