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Girl who dances in a cage

Friday night at the Vogue

Friday night at the Vogue was fun. And I noticed something as I was getting dressed to go out. Usually I put on sheer or PVC or fishnet arm warmers to cover my arms because I've been self conscious about them. But I realized that my arms are quite toned now from pole dancing, especially since I started working on my hand stands. So for the first time ever I went out confidently with bare arms! Yay!

Met up with friends at the club including ones I wasn't even expecting. I had another unexpected surprise when I was near the black lights. Remember how I said I was sewing white pads under the rhinestone bra so that you couldn't see under it if some one took a picture with a flash (which makes the top see through)? Well through about half the club the black lights made the white pads glow and it looked as if I had light sticks under the rhinestones. So there I was all night with my boobs glowing like &^%$#@! headlights! OMG!

And later in the night they had a raffle for some prizes from (leather accessories). I really fell in love with the leather cuff/gauntlet that was metal on the outside. Boy did I wish I could win that. But of course they called a number different from mine. *insert sad face here* No one claimed it through so they drew another number. I could hardly believe it was mine, I never win anything at the Vogue drawings! I squealed loud enough for the entire club to hear me as I ran up and claimed my prize! I loved it so much that I decided I had to buy a second one to match (one for each wrist) but they didn't have any more with them to sell.

I was so excited from winning that when they played Delerium I decided to run up and dance on the pole. I was happy to find I could do a lot of hanging upside down tricks I wasn't able to do 2 weeks prior because on that night I was wearing fishnets (which prevent your legs from getting a good grip on the metal pole). But right around the 3rd or 4th inverted trick I felt one of the cups of my rhinestone bra start to slide off my chest. Dammit! It had broken. I know they told me at the store not to pole dance in it. But I didn't really think it would break. Anyway, I have no idea if anyone got a free show from that or not because I don't know how long it had been sliding off. But as soon I discovered it, I tucked it back down and scurried off the stage to the ladies room to assess the damage. Lucky for me it's a part that can be fixed. But no more pole dancing in the rhinestone bra! Yikes!

Me at home before going out. You can always tell when a picture is taken in my room because there's weapons on my wall. I was planning on taking Meushi until I remembered that she's not 21 yet.

As you can see, I found a new way to wear the rhinestone bra that I really like (because it includes PVC!). I also placed rhinestone accents on the corners of my eyes and wore a rhinestone bindi.

Posing with fairygirl70 who looks fabulous in her dreads!

Me and codexwyrm looking cute as ever together!

alexandrrrrra looking stunning in her new leather corset!

The fetish show on stage that night included these naughty maids. The reason I'm posting the pic is because I love their PVC maids uniforms mostly for the adorable PVC ruffles in the back. Must have! Where can I buy one?

That's me showing off the cool metal and leather gauntlet I won in the raffle. Folks joked that I looked like wonder woman and that I could stop bullets with that thing!

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