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I never realized how NOT conservative I am until we interviewed this potential roommate this afternoon. When asked what he did for fun, answers included, "basketball, tennis and visiting wineries."

Last night is starting to become a blur now. Most of all I just remember how many strangers stopped me at the Vogue to tell me how much they enjoyed my dancing. And a few added comments about my looks. The one girl who said I was gorgeous got a VERY big thank you hug. I hope I didn't creep her out or anything, she didn't stick around long after that. One guy said, "I'm sure you're tired of guys telling you how hot you are." To which I replied, "ummm...NO." The way I see it, I still have way more years under my belt of being unattractive than I do attractive. So I need to hear it for at least...yeah....pretty much forever. There should be a name for this really. How about post-traumatic geek girl syndrome. Thats right, as a result of this condition I need to be reminded frequently that I am not still a skinny little gawky twirp with a big nose and thick glasses.

I pole danced more than I should have. I probably reached a point after a song or two where my body let me know it was pretty much done. But I couldn't help but notice the small group of friends near the bar who couldn't take their eyes off me and were pointing at me and talking as I danced. That made me dance all the more and I made a point of making extra eye contact with them as I performed. I also closed my eyes a few times and did a dance especially for Lance, sort of dedication, even though he wasn't there. Some one from that group of friends came up to talk to me afterward. How cute, a little 22 year old boy. He was a sweet admirer, even if he couldn't get my name right.

I seem to recall being a jalajscion/darkmane sandwich at some point. I saw bdsm_teddy and innocently cried out for help. "Oh I'll help," he said. Then he proceeded to add himself to the sandwich. :)

I hung out with rayce (it was her birthday!) and oniaka. Oniaka collects weapons, which to me is just the coolest thing ever. I'm looking forward to visiting with her some Sunday and learning to use a sword. I also spotted jameskitty who nearly killed me with a run-up-from-behind-and-lift-me-off-the-ground-hug. Dude! I'm fragile. Please don't kill me. :0

My roommate Michael was there, it was his first time at the Vogue (he's a Merc guy). And sweetestkiss was there wearing the sexiest top ever. Just as I was leaving for the night I spotted ravenmimura. Which worked out quite well, since I really didn't want to walk alone to the Mercury. And remarkably, he was sans the usual friends. And I marveled at the fact that I had him all to myself for a while, since he is usual surrounded by beautiful women friends.

However, I may have completely made a fool out of myself in front of him as I turned to jello when I spotted the beautiful Aga at the Mercury. And she contributed to that jello state as she touched me each time we passed in the club. Seriously, how much of an idiot do I look like lusting after my ex boyfriend's present girlfriend? But if you saw her dance, you would understand. She doesn't really dance per say. More like writhing, wearing an expression one would expect of some one in continual heat. I tried to work up the courage to ask for a kiss (again, only with the ex's permission of course). But when I finally thought I had the courage to do it, I was trembling so much with fear that I could hardly walk straight. Ha! Straight. Maybe that's not an applicable term here.

It was bdsm_teddy who finally gave me the most PERFECT advice on how to ask. Sadly I didn't get to put it to use. I did give her a hug goodbye as she left. To my delight, as the hug ended, her hand caressed my stomach. God what a tease! And once she and my ex left I was again able to concentrate on Raven who managed to carry on a very interesting conversation dispite the loud music. I stayed later than I should have, just to enjoy it.

I danced at the Mercury as well. At one point they played an E-Nomine song (I love those!) and I danced into such a state of bliss that when I finally opened my eyes, I forgot where I was on the dance floor. I had to look around to get my baring and remember. There's more to tell, but suffice it to say that I was in fact very happy last night.

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