Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

"The" dress + a little resourcefulness + some of Meushi's left over rhinestones = success!

I'm quite proud of my resourcefulness, so it's pat myself on the back time. When I tried on this dress at Salon de Sade, it was not exactly flattering. It was of course too big for me and I don't quite have the cleavage to fill up that huge gap in the top. If you click on the "this dress" link above, you'll notice that the middle strap across the chest is made of rhinestone ribbon. It just happens to be the same rhinestone ribbon I used to make Meushi's collar. And guess what? I have some left over!!

And I didn't even need to sew it on, I just pinned it from the inside using tiny safety pins. I added several extra strips of rhinestones to make it fit closer (so it's not too big) and cover me up a bit more. I even had enough left over to make a matching rhinestone choker:

Depending on how demure I want to be, I can add more and more rhinestone strips to close it up even more along the split up the leg. This will come in handy if I actually want to dance in the dress. So I get an A+ for resourcefulness. From too big and showing too much skin to fitting and more demure in just 5 minutes.

Original dress (before):

My altered in 5 minutes version (after):

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