Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

good news!

Holy cow! Folks are finding my website on Google now. Two more gals just got added to my waiting list for classes.

Last night I went to the first weekly meeting of the "Noble Purpose" group where we read the book and discuss how we can apply what we're learning to our lives. It's a limited group, only 10 folks are permitted to sign up for each location (but there are more than a dozen groups located all over Seattle). So we took turns talking about why we go to Center For Spiritual Living (which sponsors the groups) and got to talk about one thing we'd like the group to know about us. I took advantage of belovedrooster's great way of describing my business without giving the wrong impression that people often get when they hear "pole dancing". I said that I have a business that helps women become more comfortable with their bodies and feel sexier using dance and yoga and stretching (which is all true). Now mind you, there are only 10 folks in this group. Yet the woman sitting across from me suddenly looked surprised and said, "Oh my god. I just e-mailed you yesterday."

It turns out she just got on the waiting list that very day. Some one from my spiritual community will be in my class, how cool is that? After group she told me that she's going to bring 5 friends and fill up my entire class. It looks like teaching one class per week will no longer be an option. I'll need 2 per week just to accommodate 1/2 the waiting list.

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