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Pole Dancing School

Last night I dreamed I was practicing pole work...a lot. Practicing this one particular beautiful pole spin that I've never been able to do before. And it made me feel so beautiful and powerful and most of all rare since there are so few women on the planet that know how to do this.

I'm still waiting to here from THIS pole dancing school in Los Angeles to see if their next set of classes will be scheduled for November/December. My plans to take the class have changed though. Rather than take the entire 8 week class (and be stuck in LA for two months!), I will attend the first 3 classes and finish the course with one on one intensive work with the teacher. I was told there would be no cost difference for this. And this way I will only have to be away from my beloved Seattle for a month.

I checked their website this morning and noticed that the teacher, Sheila Kelly, will be doing a 20 city US tour in early 2004. Surely that must include Seattle! Wondering if I should wait for that. I probably won't. I'm ready now. I want to open up my own school here in Seattle. So it's important that I get started on this dream NOW!

pole dance

I'm hoping they keep to their regular schedule and start the next set of classes in November. I'm concerned that they won't due to the mess of holidays that fall in November/December. But I'm ready to go down to LA for a month and devote myself to this. And while I'll miss all my new friends (here in Seattle) dearly, I will come back a more skilled and confidant woman!

Anyone else want to head down to L.A. with me for a month to learn this? I think I have a free place for us to stay down there.

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