Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

photo shoot by miyou

First of all I must say how incredibly honored I am that (according to the page counter) over 600 people have viewed the last set of pictures from my photo shoot by miyou and rubberbondage. Holy cow, 600 people! *faints*

To share my thanks, I'm posting one more set from the same shoot. Photos are by miyou and rubberbondage directed. And trust me, I needed some direction. I love my dagger but I wasn't quite sure how to pose with it. He directed and posed many of the shots, including all of the ones with the dagger.

click for more

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One more in the cage. I wouldn't be cagekitten if I didn't have at least one shot in the cage.

Taking a cat nap in the cage.

Apparently I did a lot of napping during the shoot.
And swords make excellent nap mates.

Kitten with Katana

Don't laugh, blades are sexy! I was dying to lick the thing during the shoot but didn't say anything. Then rubberbondage said, "would you mind licking the dagger?" Would I!?

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