Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Idea - who wants in?

Would it be weird to try and post one accomplishment every day? I wonder if I could maintain a good list or if I would fill it with little meaningful crap after a while. I just feel like I did something good for myself every day this year so far. And it would be nice at the end of 2006 to look back and see something I did for myself or others on every day of the year. But I don't want it to be mundane like "oh I did pole practice today." I mean yeah that would count, but I would have done that anyway. I'm wondering if I can really do something above and beyond, or something that's challenging for me, just about every day. And if I did this, would anyone else like to participate in this "accomplishment per day" with me?

Jan. 1st - asked my wonderful escort to take me home from the party early when I was tired, rather than staying there and being miserably tired. Normally I put other's needs before my own, so it felt good to put myself first this time.

Jan. 2nd - purchased something I plan to turn into a valuable tool to help bridge one of those gaps in life that my disability creates.

Jan. 3rd - told a girl who tried to create drama by e-mailing me some gossip (about me no less!), to go stuff it. Because I don't need that negativity in my life. Damn that felt good!

Edited to add: Maybe we could post this weekly instead of daily. That way if we skip a day or two, we'll still have accomplishments from the other days to post every week.
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