Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Thank you

This weekend was a blessed one. I spend much of it involved in my usual addictions; internet, television, sugar, shopping and snuggling. Fortunately I only feel guilty about 4 of those addictions. ;) And when shopping I managed to pick up both things I have been needing for a while and a couple luxury items that were priced so far below their value that I actually feel like I got away with something. And one of the needed items is something I devised that I think might help me get around my disability in one area of my life that it dramatically effects. In my life, resourcefulness can often bridge those gaps where I'm not able to do the things that other people can do and take for granted. I'm really excited about trying out another new resourceful idea.

The New Year's party was surprising. Understand that working and being in business often means that I have to be "on". This means constantly checking myself to be professional, positive, upbeat, etc. I mean these are all traits I have naturally, but they often have to be amped up above levels that are normal for me. So it felt good to let it all down for the night and just be myself. The surprise, much to my joy, was how received I was just for being me. Even a somewhat tired, don't feel much like talking about my life or my business, just kind of hanging out, total me. Lots of people greeted me by name, which means I've made enough of an impression on them to be remembered so well. Many people were incredibly kind to me without me so much as saying a word. I am still glowing at the thought of the LJ friend who told me, as I was leaving, how glad they were that I came to the party. I was also told that when I dance, people either stop what they are doing to watch me or they feel inspired and motivated to go out on the dance floor themselves to dance.

All of this meant a lot to me. I didn't have to do anything, I just got to show up and be me, and be appreciated. And for that I feel truly blessed. Thank you.

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