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socks and cat

My new website went up last night

It's official - I'm live!

Without further ado I present to you:

Seattle's First Pole Dancing School -- website

Huge thanks go out to web designer extraordinaire mrentropy, artist jnanacandra (who's work can be seen at Fire Sea Studios) and to the guy who owns the internet; cambler. Not only am I grateful for your time and services but for the fact that you were all willing to work under my deadline. It was uber important to me to have the site up and running before Christmas Eve so that I could share my success with my family over the holidays -- and we did it! Thank you!


yay! Well done!
Thank you. That means a lot to me!

looks good lady

kick ass and take names

Re: looks good lady


3 Grammar Nazi notes:
1) Los Angeles is misspelled on the home page.
2) The fade makes it difficult to see the beginning and end text on the home page.
3) On the Classes page, the word "postponed" is kind of jarring. I'd just say that classes are forming for Feb/Mar,

thank you for the input

1) Thank you SO much for catching that!!
2) I'm not having that problem at all. I wonder if our monitors are different and how many other people are having this problem.
3) "Classes are forming" makes it sound like I've never taught before, and I have. And technically they are "postponed" since they were scheduled and then put on hold after the location decided to go out of business.
Nice website!

The only question that occurred to me is...what if I don't own a yoga mat?
That's actually why I put that in the Q&A, so folks would know to purchase one before they show up to class.
Looks great. The only feedback I have is that I would move the last question in your FAQ to the first question. I found that one really inspiring!
Excellent idea! I won't be able to do that right away but I'm definitely putting it on my list of changes to make.
Yay! I'm so proud of you. Things are coming together!
Thank you!


What you did with the logo looks awesome!

Re: Dude!

I'm so glad you like it! I was worried about coloring your picture and was hoping you would be okay with it. mrentropy did it along with the rest of the design.
Thanks! :)
CONGRATULATIONS!!! *excited clapping*

My favorite line is this: "There is no nudity involved. The only thing you need to remove is your inhibitions."

rock on girl!

how come no info on you...like who you are, pics etc?
great to read more about you and how you came into pole dancing, etc. i always like to know an instructors background and etcs cuz its interesting!

way to go! :)
I wish I lived in Seattle! I'd LOVE to take a class there.

I'm thinking about taking belly dancing lessons to trim my torso and get over my shyness.
I've taken two beginner classes and I highly recommend belly dancing.