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socks and cat

These will hurt when I dance but...

Only two days left until uniform night at the Catwalk and I STILL don't have my Catholic school girl uniform ready. My quest for mary janes at the thrift store did turn up these adorable shoes:

title or description

So for the effect, just try to imagine these with cropped white button up shirt, pig-tails, thigh high white stockings and the plaid mini skirt I have yet to find. assassinpandora has one that she's going to loan me. Keep your fingers crossed that it fits! Otherwise I'll have to shop on Saturday, in addition to all the unpacking and cleaning I need to do.


ok, those shoes kick ass

no pun intended
Oh so cuuuute! So sweeeet. Those are some thrift store find. Delightful.
Oh, you should have seen the lace up granny boots they had there with buckles all the way up the side. Too bad they were two sizes too small for me. :(
Shoot yeah! I'm looking for some boots like that but if they are two sizes too small for you they are probably too small for me.

I'll have to go to that VV more often! I've never found shoes at thrift stores until last weekend. A pair of barely worn black velvet ones with a wide two inch velvet heel, open sides, two velvet straps crossing high over the top and square fake rhinestone buckles.
those are sooo cute!! what thrift store did you find such loverly things prey-tell?
Value Village on 15th! Same place I found my combat boots last month.
Wow, thanks I'll have to check it out!!!
Day-ummm. THRIFT STORE??!?!?! I never find stuff like that a the thrift store. Some cute black skirts, or simple blouses maybe. But never anything that cool.

Good Thrift Store mojo!!
This one particular Value Village is shoe heaven! See this entry from last month for the combat boots I found there.

It's at this Value Village. You're welcome to shop with me sometime - I have good thrift store karma and it might rub off on you. ;)

Catholic schoolgirl uniform?! Woohoo!
Yeah, it's my "uniform" for Uniform Night at Girl4Girl this Saturday. You should go! Can you go?
Sadly my only plans for this Saturday involve pain pills and a hot water bottle on my jaw. :(
Awwwww. :( *hugs*

*jumps up and down all excited*

These will hurt when I dance...

But they will look so damn good!