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hand stands on the pole

I did something tonight during pole practice that I couldn't do before! Both splits during a handstand AND a backward handstand. I must be really building upper body strength with all this practice, because I couldn't do it before and now I can! Demonstration pictures below. w00t!

Tonight I did this!

Only more of a V with my legs than a splits, kind of like Moni is doing below:

I also learned and practiced a backwards hand stand. Basically you stand with your back to the pole and reach down and plant your palms on the floor. Then you extend one leg back and up on the pole:

Then you extend the other leg up until you are in a hand stand:

Then you can do all kinds of pretty poses with your legs like this:

After the poses I extend my legs straight up and grip the pole with them. Then I can let go with my hands and hang or slide down gracefully.


Also some notes to self of things that worked tonight:

1. When coming down from a backward handstand, do a combination snake dive twist.

2. When doing floor work, a side twist goddess going directly into a side goddess leg lift looks fabulous! Practice this move often.

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