Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

finding your inner sexual creature

I had a student over tonight that, although she had never done this kind of dance before, just took to it naturally. Her floor work was flawless from the first moment I taught it to her. And while it took her a few tries to get the pole tricks, she was soon executing them gracefully.

It's becoming more obvious as I teach that just about every woman has an innate sexual personality, whether it's an inner diva or hidden sexual creature, just waiting to come out. Even if they've never danced sexy in their life or put on a sexy outfit before, something about this comes naturally to them.

I'm beginning to think I'm not teaching women anything. Like Michelangelo chipping away the layers of stone to reveal David, I'm simply helping these women drop layers of who they are or have to be in every day life to find what was already within them all along. Every woman is exquisitely sexy inside, even if she doesn't know it or tap into it yet. I love watching the faces of my students light up as I help them discover this part of themselves.
Tags: classes, pole dancing

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