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socks and cat

Goth coffee

My heart is happy and full. Went to goth coffee...heaven. Hugs, boy snuggles, girl talk, communing spiritually with a friend, talking clothes and fashion with another, more hugs, snuggles, hellos and goodbyes.

I love this community SO much! This is the family I always dreamed of.


I got a random call froma friendI haven't seen in forever or I would have been at coffee. Ah, well.
Too bad I missed you :(

I tried to get there after I got off work, but I missed the bus, so I just wound up at the Mercury.
I keep forgetting about Goth Coffee. Rayce took me there once a year or so ago to meet everyone and I've either been working, or like tonight, forgetting that it goes on. I might survive the experience better now that I know a few people likely to be there.
Hey, it was nice running into you tonight. Hope you got the uniform you were after!
Glad I got to see you before I left! :)

Uniform has problems. A trip to another Value Village is in order.
:( That sucks! Have you been into Red Light on Broadway? LOADS of new costumes have come in. They are all 'regular' price, however, unlike that you'd find at VV, I presume.
Yeah, I got my thigh high white stockings there for $6. Everything else was too expensive.
We love you too.

Sorry I missed it. I was out having dinner with a friend. :)
Yeah. I missed those hugs on tap. :(
You know… there are other hug suppliers around.
Yeah, I wanted one from you dammit! But I was sort of wedged between Mark, Sean and Mila when you went by.

Next time just grab people and pull them off me. Then we can hug. :)