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Girl who dances in a cage

A great work out last night!

So after viewing most of this DVD once (I still can't view much of it because it's not compatible with American DVD players) I was able to learn and do this trick:


But with a slight variation. She's on a spinning pole so she can lean back and open her legs to the ceiling while she is spinning in that position. I practice on a non-moving pole so to maintain my momentum I need to keep my body leaning toward the pole and my legs splayed out to the side (one foot toward the floor and the other toward the ceiling) as I'm spinning on the pole.

Last night's pole work out was incredibly productive and creative -- this is what makes pole dancing so satisfying for me as an artist. For one thing I invented a new floor move. It doesn't happen often, but when it does it's like gold. Not only can I use it in competitions, but I can teach it to my students. Normally I break down and explain the move here on LJ so I have a record of it and won't forget it. But now I'm using flash cards to break down all my moves so I can implement them into lesson plans. So I'll spare you all the details.

I kept practicing my inverted tricks but I'm still not able dismount gracefully from an inverted hand stand. I had a friend over last Saturday to help spot me and was disappointed that I still couldn't get it down. It's just so unnatural and scary to flip over like that. Out of frustration I tried to hold on to the pole behind my body while dismounting and was shocked and surprised to find myself doing this trick as a result:

Image hosted by

It looked like that except that instead of having my body arched away from the pole, it was still sliding upside down against the pole. And instead of my leg forward, it was out to the side as I let go with one of my hands. When I finally landed on the floor I said, "Oh my god, I did that!?" It was quite a shock. I still want to learn a walk over from a hand stand. But I will continue to experiment with this new move as well. Eventually I should be able to do it exactly as it is in the picture (with the back arch).

I have many fresh bruises and an astounding sense of accomplishment to show for my hard work last night. I'm taking a break today and hopefully my friend will have time to spot me tomorrow so I can work on my hand stands.

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