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socks and cat

Quote of the Day...

"It isn't what you have, or who you are, or where you are, or what you are doing that makes you happy or unhappy. It is what you think about."

~Dale Carnegie

And now it's your turn (post your responses in comment). What do you think about the most? What are the prevailing thoughts in your mind?


I am...very slowly...thinking less about what the last two years have been, and more about what comes next.

But my prevailing thoughts have been immediate in nature...what has to be done next...(you slack off at work for this long, the pile gets big)...and *things* to do keeps me from having to interact with people, who I still can't handle too well...
I think about Patrick alot and right now, well, the house tons. Usually I think about friends I should spend time with or how to best spend my time. I try not to dwell on anything negative because it is a waste of energy.
Personally what I think about the most is how to raise my child in this crazy world. I want to teach him to be observant and aware, but also teach him to tend his own lot in life and to not be troubled by the everyday chaos on the news. This doesn't sound exactly the way I want it to sound here...I want him to try to be a good person and make a difference in the world...but at the same time I don't want him to watch the news every day and brood over all of the chaos in the world. Does this make sense?
About 90% of my "day-dream time" is spent thinking about how nice it would be in the costal region from northern california up to alaska seceded and became it's own hippie/liberal country. I think about EVERYTHING from government to sustainable agriculture to the flag.
The rest of the time I mostly think about inventionsleeps NAKED.
these days i remind myself over and over to not get caught up in drama head. left to my own devices, i would drive myself crazy with obsessive analyzing of sitations, what ifs, etc.

i remind myself to focus my power on myself and not on other ppl and situations. i also am reminding myself to turn things over to god a lot more than i have been...trusting my source to take care of outcomes of the things i have put into action. or things that dont know how to deal with.
You are my Hero!
im so pleased i inspire you :)
I try not to think :)
My thoughts usually revolve around what I need to accomplish or expect of myself. I tend to live in the future and worry about it, work towards it, and spend my energy there. Consequently I am rarely blissful, and if I am, there will still be an underlying current of future worry behind it (even if it is as stupid as wonderingw hen bliss will end).
I think allot about the smurfs, and how they are so Communist. I also think allot about breakdancing. *Does the robot*
I know this trick, as I used to have the philosophy of "prepare for the worst so that it only goes uphill from there", and later realized how being so negative was causing negativity in my life.
Doesn't mean that I don't have more than my fair share of violent thoughts. But it does mean I can catch myself doing it and have a chance to do something else. Comedy is my savior. I keep comic strip books, MST3K episodes and stand-up comedy tapes at hand. I also have funny friends.