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socks and cat


I haven't even started getting ready yet. After pulling out my costume box and going through my closet, I have the following choices:

  • gothic bride
  • sassy Catholic schoolgirl
  • more conservative Catholic school girl
  • PVC nurse
  • sexy red devil (with long red gown) with PVC horns
  • cute devil (with black and red theme) with blinking red horns
  • belly dancer
  • kitty cat
  • biker chick (with genuine leather riding jacket)
  • spider web gown witch
  • gothy demon (complete with black feathered wings)
  • pirate
  • sexetary
  • 60's go-go dancer

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. Heh, can you tell I LOVE dressing up in costumes?


Re: *ahem*

You want me to wear peanutbutter??

Re: *ahem*

I second this suggestion.
Wow, you have a lot of options.

I just went through the closet and went as the Addams Family (with the help of the husband, Gomez). Cliche o rama but it worked out fine.

Kitty cat is always good!
how bout combining two costumes for a twist on one of those themes?

i went as a fairy in training on sat....looked like i ran into a few bushes and trees :P
I have to say I find women dressed as the conservative school girl much sexier than women who go the sassy route. Of course I will burn in Hell for that probably... :P

sexetary - HAHAHA You have to post a picture of this outfit. The term is too funny.