Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

party invite

I've been invited to pole dance at this party:

Putting the fun back in fund raising!

All you Seattle peeps are invited. I don't know if I'll actually pole dance though since the idea of pole dancing on top of a car in the freezing night air is a little scary. The pole on the car has a metal safety railing around it that would basically prevent me from doing all of my spins. And most of my pole tricks merge into floor work...and how the heck do you do floor work on top of a car without falling off? But there will be other pole dancers there to enjoy (even if I'm not one of them) as well as fire performers, including members of Pyrosutra and Circus Contraption. There's also a bar, cuddle lounge and a raffle. And I'm all about the cuddle lounge, w00t!

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