Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Inverted trick progresses well

Pole practice tonight started out wimpy. I even managed to stub my toe while trying to do the splits on the pole. And no, I can't do the splits. But hope springs eternal in this one and I wanted to try it on the pole anyway. I suspect sometimes that I think I'm superman on the pole and I'll just magically be able to do stripper like tricks just because I've changed into a thong and a sports bra for practice and put on Rob Zombie's "Living Dead Girl" in the background. No...doesn't quite work that way.

Anyway, I practiced this trick a lot and I'm feeling really comfortable with it now. It used to be after I locked my feet and started to lean back and upside down I didn't know if I was going to end up hanging upside down as I let go or if I was going to plummet onto my head. I'm already shedding that uncertainty and expecting the trick to go smoothly. With that expectation comes the confidence to experiment. And experiment I did.

I tried to end the trick in a hand stand with one leg like this picture. I'm proud to say I accomplished it. Wooo-hoooo! Go me little padawan pole student!! Although I needed the aid of the mirror to get a sense of where to lean so I would balance correctly. But with practice I should be able to do it without watching for my balance, and just feeling it. But alas, from THAT one legged hand stand I still don't know how to get down from the pole. What do I do after that??

And NOTE TO SELF: The further away your hands are from the pole during the hand stand, the easier it will be. Because hands close to the pole means you are supporting your entire body weight on your little arms. Hands far away allow you to lean against the pole more, resting much of your body weight against it instead of on your hands.

I'm ordering this DVD from a pole dancing school in Australia:

Maybe if I'm lucky, it will have some tricks for getting down from that cool inverted trick. But I'm not holding my breath. Any suggestions for how to gracefully get down from a pole hand stand? I don't seem to be acrobatic enough yet to do a back walk over.
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