Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

How do I get down?

No internet for me today, not until tonight anyway. Oh, and I feel like some one beat me up. On Tuesday I practiced a different way of hanging upside down from the pole. I tried it so many times that my quads ache and the joints that hold my legs to my hips feel like some one tried to tear my legs out. Then I had to do some unexpected heavy lifting on Wednesday. I'm even limping a little now. Oy!

And speaking of the pole trick, I can't figure out how to get up (or should I say down?) from the trick. I switched from the previous way of hanging upside down because this old way is hard to get into from climbing the pole and suspended too much body weight from my ankles and shins (more ouch and not so steady!). This new way suspends my body weight from the area just above and inside my knees. In fact, the skin there is all black and purple now from doing the trick so many times. It's so much easier to get into than the ankle suspension. But how do I get down?

Here's a picture taken of me doing the trick during pole practice on Tuesday. According to the DVD I learned this from, you're supposed to be able to gently release your leg grip on the pole and slide down slowly and gracefully. Doesn't work for me. The minute I try to ease up on the tension I go straight! Lucky for me my practice space is carpeted so I don't hurt my head. I've also tried just sitting up from there (takes lots of ab strength but I can do it) and sliding down the pole upright. This hurts the area between my knees like hell (when I sit up while still gripping the pole with that area) and doesn't look nearly as good. This is the part where I wish I knew more strippers so some one could show me a graceful way to get down. ANY STRIPPERS OUT THERE? Or does anyone that's seen this trick done at the pole competition at the Fenix happen to remember how the girls get down from this?
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