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The beach burn was nice. I got the strangest social fright when it started. I started to feel like an outsider, and almost left. But it was probably because I was on unfamiliar ground. The clubs feel like my territory, and I have all the confidence in the world there. Here I was on new territory, with tons of people I didn't know.

There was lots of running around and horse play (thank you Izzy for all that man wrestling you did - a pleasure to watch!!!). Cute goth boy snuggles and hugs abound. Girl chat. Fire spinning (and once again, thank you Izzy for that too!).

I'd write more, but I'm tired. Some friends only type details coming soon probably. My favorite line from the night:

templar46_2: So how are you?
cagekitten: I'm happy. VERY happy. *huge grin*
templar46_2: Why is that?
cagekitten: Because I'm surrounded by cute goth boys.
templar46_2: Really? Where?
cagekitten: *looks about innocently, rolls eyes* Ohhh....I dunno.
templar46_2: And there's goths here!?!?

Okay, so maybe it's only funny to me. Guess you had to be there. :)

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