Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

mundane post of the month

I haven't had a chance to check my friends list all weekend, it's been unexpectedly busy. Friday night and Saturday morning I took care of a friend who just lost his job. This made me tired and useless the rest of Saturday. In spite of being half asleep all day as a result, I took emailerin to the airport in the early afternoon and played photographer for Shane (who needs pictures) in the late afternoon. My favorite pic of him is below the cut.

On today's crazy schedule: Swing by Center For Spiritual Living, take in the service, meet up there briefly there with a gal I've been e-mailing, pick up new brand name ink cartridge for printer because Staples generic brand ink cartridges suck and it died while the ink was still 3/4 full, run off to find dish for belovedrooster's birthday bash and head off to the park to find it, pick up kitty litter, shop for organizer to keep my business more organized, visit and check on friend who lost his job, get home soon enough to do a pole workout, crash and be asleep by 11pm. Other things that need to be done today like cleaning my room and washing my car before I have out of town company next weekend, will some how have to be crammed into next week (along with completing and practicing my lesson plan because I'm teaching on Saturday). Holy cow.

Shane has a head of ringlets to die for. Wish I had his hair!


Okay Seattle people, who can guess where this picture was taken?

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