Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

3 Things

I like this thing synthcat did yesterday. He did "Five Things" to help him feel better about his living environment.

I'd like to give that a try along with whoever would like to join me, but on a much smaller starting level. Who would like to join me doing "3 Things" tonight to improve our surroundings? Some examples might be:

cleaning your cat box
picking up that clutter in one corner
putting away that clean laundry
taking out the trash
moving that pile of newspapers to recycling

To join in on the "3 Things", just post a comment naming 3 things you can get done at home tonight. Or if you don't know what they are yet (as in you know there's stuff to be done but you don't remember but you'll know when you see it at home) just comment that you'll do it and you can name the things later. I will of course follow up with each of you tomorrow to see if you did your "3 Things". Consider my promised follow up as a motivation to get it done!

So who's game?

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