Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

interviewed by the Seattle PI

I was interviewed by the Seattle PI yesterday. The reporter took me to lunch at a place downtown where I had the best salmon ever. Her original intention was to interview me as just part of a story on bartering. However, she's decided to do a story exclusively on my pole dancing school. So she wants to wait until I've had some more students so she can interview them as well and possibly even sit in on a class.

Holy...freakin'...cow. I need a better space to teach in and I need it now. I could call yoga studios and dance studios to find a space that will rent by the hour...and let me install a pole.

I have a modest little website set up, I'm posting that in a friends only post right after this. We used the photo from this post and turned it into a beautiful black and white drawing for the site.

I think this reporter may have lit a fire under me to get moving on this. And thanks to Oprah, 48 Hours, The View, Primetime Live, Celebrity Fit Club, Access Hollywood, 20/20, The Tonight Show and now the Seattle PI, an interest in and demand for these classes has already been created.

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