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priority bliss

Okay first of all, you have to see this:

Cat bathing with owner

And second of all, it's very cool to come out to your car first thing in the morning and find it all sparkly and clean. But then that's what happens when you run out to the coin-op car wash at 9pm the night before. But seriously, I should not be washing my own car. What a debacle!!! Slap stick at best. Pathetic at worst. The funniest part was when the walk-man fell down my pants as the hose knocked the headphones off my head onto the ground into a soapy puddle. I'm too much of a girly girl princess for this car washing crap. I think I need to stick with the $7 drive through car wash from now on.

And I think I might have found the perfect school girl skirt. I'm trying to avoid the traditional pleated plaid skirt. I'm pretty good at playing up what I do have and hiding what I don't. So I can tell you from experience that pleated and wide skirts only make skinny legs look like even skinnier tooth pics. But a slim skirt creates smoother lines and emphasizes even the smallest curves. And a low rise skirt would be even better, since I have much better abs than legs. So I think this skirt would be perfect for a figure like mine. But can it pass as a school girl skirt even though it doesn't have pleats?

Interview canditates are pouring through my temp office now, all contending for my job. Please pretty canditates...take my job...please! Soon I will be a free woman. Okay, temporarily, between temp assignments. But a day or two to unpack and then spend time with friends, would be pure bliss! Money is becoming less and less important to me these days. Bliss takes priority.

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