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What love should look like?

I've been collecting little quotes and testimonial from people who are in relationships that I admire. Well, the first one is fictional. I was watching a rerun of Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Buffy asked her boyfriend if he would prefer that she wasn't a vampire slayer. He told her that he wouldn't change her. That he liked everything about her, even the way she obsessed about certain things. Then he said to her, "There's no part of you that I don't love."

Today June told me about a moment she had with her sweetie. They were watching a horror movie together. Because June has seen horror movies since she was 5, she tends to giggle at the gorey scary parts. So she's watching the movie and discovers that her sweetie is giggling at the gorey scary parts! It's just one of those synchronous moments when you realize you're with the right person.

And finally a quote from People magazine. An actor named Michael Genadry was talking about his experience losing something like 200 pounds after a surgery. He said his wife was worried that now that he's not obese that other women might look at him. He said she doesn't have to worry about that because "The two of us are like a finely tuned machine."

Is this too much to be holding out for? Is it okay to turn away every potential partner until I find one that loves everything about me and shares my interests right down to the idiosyncrasies and bonds with me until we are a finely tuned machine? Or am I holding out for some kind of ideal that isn't real for everyone?

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