Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage


I'm such a dork. After spending $2,000 to get my vision surgically corrected so that I will never have to wear glasses again, what did I do today...


That's right, I bought glasses! But the truth is, I just love costume events that much! They are for my sexetary costume for the Secretary themed fetish event next month. The perfect little librarian/secretary black rimmed clear glasses, and I got them at Claire's for only $3.00!

And speaking of my lasik procedure

All is well:

  • I'm seeing 20/20 with both eyes
  • The starbursts and halos during the day are less noticeable. I'm not sure if this means they are going away or I'm just used to it now.
  • The starbursts and halos at night are making it a bit unsafe to drive at night. They gave me a prescription should I ever decide to medicate my eyes to solve this problem.
  • I still have the micro-ripple where the lens is healing. It may or may not flatten out. It's not an issue.
  • I can actually feel a little dryness now and then on my eyes (whereas before they were too dry and I just had no idea because I couldn't feel it). This probably means that all those nerves that were severed when they cut open the lens of my eye, are starting to reconnect and heal and work again.
  • I do not have to go in for another follow up for 6 months -- w00t!

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