Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Shopping, movies, snuggles, birthday, acrobat...yeah...a great weekend!

I got to spend time with some wonderful people this weekend and I ended it feeling all happy and loved. :) Saturday sweetestkiss and I did some shopping. Then we went to djxavier13 and fairygirl70's barbeque and movie night. I got much snuggles as well as seeing Blade Runner (I've seen it before) and Kung Fu Hustle (which I really enjoyed).

Sunday darkmane and I had lunch at Chevy's in Alderwood. I had something I've never tried before: crab flautas with mango salsa and jalapeno jelly (not hot). It was to die for! If I ever have occasion to eat out again, I'm going all the way to Alderwood just to have that again! Afterward was stillbourne's birthday gathering. We went to Pacific Place to see the free Teatro Zinzani performance. More pictures from all that can be seen by clicking the cut below or the smaller two pics below.

Happy birthday Stillbourne!

Teatro Zinzani acrobat at the Pacific Place mall:

stillbourne and her birthday posse!

Check out the cute little devil horns that stillbourne got for her birthday!

cynickal & m_cobweb examine the scrap metal penguin at Pacific Place.

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