Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

I need a short, plaid skirt

I just got an e-mail from the manager of Utopia:

1. We will be given Utopia cards to give to our friends. The friends that use the cards when they come in will get a free drink. And for every friend card that comes in, we get $1.

2. We are not allowed to have people dancing in the cage with us (dammit!!!!).

3. She will try to have 5 dancers per night so that we can each get short breaks (thank god!!!!).

4. The two DJ's (that play totally different styles of music) will each rotate one hour sets all night. Great variety!

I e-mailed her back and asked her if a catholic school girl uniform would be appropriate for October's "uniform night." I don't want to buy one if it's strictly military uniforms that night. And I've been looking for an excuse to finally buy this. Although I'm realizing it would be about a zillion times cheaper to just have some one make me the skirt (hopefully for not more than $15), and then buy a little shirt and the mary jane's at the thrift store. And of course a pick up a pair of thigh high white stockings which I can get at any boutique on Broadway.

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