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Another night as a go-go dancer

I forgot to sum up Saturday night. Or I was just too tired. So here it is.

Not only do I get paid to dance in a cage, but now I'm getting paid while watching poae dance as well. Don't you wish you were me? I think, after watching her, that she dances like I do. She is more writhing slowly to a sensual ryhthm than what would normally be defined as "dancing". And she loves the bars of the cage and they love her. And she had this fabulous sticker on the back of her PVC hot shorts that says: I'm not slut. I'm just popular.

I arrived earlier than normal, which I think I will do more often for optimal parking. So I had lots of time to chat it up with the owner Michelle. She talked about how there will changes for Girl4Girl night including a different theme every month. This month's theme is "Darkness Falls" which is a sort of lesbian goth night. Next month will be "Uniform Night." This might be the perfect excuse I was looking for to purchase that Catholic School girl uniform. Although I should probably save money and just see if anyone can loan me a pair of camouflage pants which I can wear with my combat boots. I've also been trolling the thrift store for camouflage pants.

At one point in the night a very hot woman jumped into the cage to writhe around with me. But then her friend jumped in and I didn't feel like being part of a threesome. I took a break and headed for the ladies room. June, my friend who was there that night, tracked me down in there and started chewing me out. "Why did you leave the cage?" she demanded.

"It was crowded," I said.

"She thought you were hot and she wanted you," June said of the woman who was dancing in there with me. "When you jumped out and ran away the woman asked where you went and then cursed and left the cage."

"Oh..." was all I could manage, realizing I had yet again not noticed when a beautiful woman was hitting on me.

"I swear," June said, about to repeat what she has told me so often before. "When it comes to women you need a fucking two by four upside the head."

"Dammit!" I said. "I do need a fucking two by four." I motioned as if hitting myself upside the head as I repeated, "A fucking two by four!!"

Anybody got a 2x4?

June did jump in the cage with me toward the end of the night and we put on QUITE a show. She was a go-go dancer for 7 years and the best dancer I know. We totally heated up that cage. I'm surprised we didn't melt the bars!

At the end of the night I headed straight for the hot dog stand across the street next to the Fenix. After 3 and half hours of dancing...I need protein! Unfortunately I didn't finish it before I reached my car. Rather than finish it in my car, I opted to stand outside my vehicle as I chowed down. Big mistake. A strange guy approached me and tried to engage me. I escaped all unharmed and all, but note to self: Do not stand outside alone in Pioneer square at 2:30 am. Bad idea. Yeah, bad idea.

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