Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

Thankful Thursday

This is sort of a backwards way to do Thankful Thursdays. But lately I've been reading posts from folks or hearing from friends that know people that have screwed them over or screwed up their jobs or sabotaged something valuable (like a friendship or relationship) etc. I guess I take responsibility for granted. I pretty much raised myself and so I didn't have anyone to spoil me or give me so much that I could take it for granted. I've had to fend for myself and that means deal with my own messes. So that just taught me responsibility early on. I forget that other people don't have that advantage. I forget how lucky I really am. So today I am thankful for things I don't do or wouldn't do such as...

  • I'm thankful I don't take the generosity of my friends for granted. Oh sure I could be reciprocal more often and I should be. But I don't feel entitled to anything I get and I'm always grateful.

  • I'm grateful I show up to work on time just about all the time and don't take time off unless I really need it.

  • I've procrastinated writing checks for some bills, but I'm grateful I pay them and don't let them lapse or become delinquent.

  • I do go way too long between cleanings sometimes, but I'm grateful that while I do let things clutter, I don't live in a dirty room or a pig stye.

  • I'm grateful for good hygene, daily showers, brushing my teeth two or three times per day, and flossing EVERY night.

  • I love being invited to things and included in social events. I'm grateful that I show up when I say I'm going to show up or at the very least take the time to call and let people know I can't make it. I'm so grateful I'm not a flake!

  • I'm thankful that while I may be late to some things on occasion, I at least make an effort to be on time and I'm always conscientious about it and never absent mindedly or carelessly expect people to wait for me.

  • I'm grateful that I am always prepared to pay my own way, so that on those rare occasions when some one lets me in free or buys me a drink, it is always a wonderful surprise instead of an expected thing.

  • I'm grateful that I always consider how my actions might effect others. It's a pain in the ass sometimes and it often results in being hurt. But I would rather be the kind of person that makes the effort and gets hurt for it than the kind that just doesn't care about others.

  • I'm grateful that I know so many people that embrace and practice the same level of responsibility.

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