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Girl who dances in a cage

One of my favorite pole tricks...

I finally have a picture of me doing the inverted trick where I hang by only one leg! I'm really proud of that trick since I didn't have any instruction or coaching or video to teach me how to do it. I just saw a picture of domina_carmen doing it on the pole at the Fenix and I experimented until I figured out the trick on my own. You can click on the picture or the cut for larger view and additional pics.

The pictures look funny because they were actually taken of a video of one of my pole practice sessions. I don't have the kind of set up that would feed VHS to my computer and screen cap it, so this was the only way to get pictures:

one leg inverted

From this angle you can clearly see the trick is done without hands:

I've even mastered getting down from the pole with no hands. I pull them in closer to my body, along with the free leg, and slowly slide down the pole to the floor:


I would like to figure out how to do this trick while arching my back as done in THIS PICTURE. I haven't figured out yet how she does that. It looks like she might have the top of her foot against the pole for extra leverage. But when I try to get my foot around the pole while hanging upside down by one leg, it's impossible. So I have yet to figure out how to execute the inverted one leg trick with that beautiful back arch. Any suggestions?

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