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One of the coolest things about being a girl: CLOTHES!

To the Conjure One/Delerium concert I wore a black mini dress with striped tights (raggedy ann style) and my WWII style combat boots. Those boots were comfy and great for dancing!

striped tights

And I adore my Levi's super low-rise stretch jeans. Wore them with casual comfy shirt to the SeaGoth picnic last Saturday. Then dressed them up with a rhinestone belt and a cute cropped black top for a party the same night. Versatile and sexy, I love these jeans!

And Saturday night (tonight!) I'll be wearing that barely there dress, the one you see in the icon for this entry, dancing at UTOPIA. I'm a little nervous about it though. When I wore this dress the first time, it was in a dark club. Now I'll be dancing on stage, under a spotlight, in nothing but a bra a thong and a net. Yikes!

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