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Fetish event & bbq

I had no idea how much fun I was in for on Friday night. And honestly the entire weekend was wonderful, I haven't had this much fun packed into one weekend since the three day Kitten-Palooza birthday celebration a couple months ago.

I thought I was just going to ergotamine's "Fetish & Kink" event to meet up with a couple friends and maybe just look at all the costumes and fetish wear and dance a little. But little by little as the night progressed, more and more of my friends showed up. I had no idea most of these folks were coming and before I knew it I was surrounded by people who make me happy. The first folks I met up with were stillraven and earhart. In all the time I've known Stillraven, we've never been at the same club together - I was so excited! onewolf and her sweetie showed up, much naughty Kitten groping and squeeling ensued! shiroken and alexandrrrrra were there and since they are new to Seattle, I happily introduced them to everyone. And wow, you have no idea how many friends you actually have until you try to introduce bunches of them to some one all in one night.

i_feel_sick showed up and I fawned over her gorgeous rhinestone bra that peeked out from a elegent black velvet dress. mme_archel and her man arrived not long after. lordandrei and his lovely jnanacandra were also two folks I hung out with throughout the night. shivacat was looking hot as ever on the dance floor, her dancing always inspires me. Although somewhere during the night she seemed to have lost her top - oh my! I was delighted to run into the LJ less couple Michael and Chris. Michael was looking teh sexy in a long black coat with buckles in the front. I also hung out with jonwa who invited us all to his barbeque on Sunday. Folks I got to chat with briefly inclued m_cobweb, vienna_la_rouge, crash66, gkr and imp_of_satan. Did I forget anyone? I also found spikyme in the ladies room. Watch out girls, nowhere is safe from him and his camera!

I had a great time dancing with stillraven and jnanacandra as well as a few others. I got many wonderful compliments on my off-white sheer gown, most surprising was the one coming from a gentleman who was so stunned by my outfit that something along the lines of "wow" was all he managed. Really the entire night was spent dancing, enjoying the company of dear friends, getting tipsy (as tipsy as you can get on two beers anyway) and dancing my heart out.

It should be noted that almost everything Stillraven is wearing came from my clothing swap party; the sheer top, black shorts and platform lace up boots. Hey shadiee, don't your boots look fabulous on her?jnanacandra's sexy black PVC dress also came from my clothing swap.

jnanacandra & stillraven are goddesses on the dance floor:

Myself and stillraven (the room was lit red, creating some interesting lighting).

m_cobweb, cagekitten & jonwa:

The barbeque on Sunday was also wonderful. Good company, relaxing and unwinding, jonwa feeding us amazing food until we couldn't move. I'd say the weekend has left me all happy and floaty.

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