Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

lasik healing update

I had my two month follow appointment at the eye surgeon's office yesterday.

They said I'm now seeing 20/20 in each eye. But boy do they push it! I mean they put up this line of letters that's damn hard to make out and I was able to read only two of them. After much trying and fussing around I was able to read 3 of the 4 letters. Then they flipped around some corrective lenses for me to see through and then went back to having me try without correction. Finally after blinking and straining, I figured out the last letter was a "V". So since I can read that line, I'm 20/20. Yeah right. I would think a true 20/20 could read it right off the bat. Whatever, I'm happy even if I'm only 20/25 or 20/30.

The micro-ripple is still on my right lens. The doctor I saw yesterday (who is not one of the surgeons) said that it would be pointless to open up my lens again just to smooth it out. She said it's practically nothing.

I still have starbursts and halos both at night and during the day. No changes there.

My eyes are dry as hell. When they cut your lens to open it up and operate with the laser they sever the nerves in the process that tell your brain when to blink or make tears to keep the eyes moist. It can take up to 6 months for those nerves to reconnect and heal. So basically my brain has no idea my eyes are desert dry (I can't feel it at all) and I'm not blinking very often. I need to remember to put drops in my eyes every hour to two hours. I've totally been forgetting - my poor eyes!

I was telling the doctor how much I miss the luxury of being able to rub my eyes (I actually get jealous when I see others doing it). She said it's fine to do now as long as I'm not too agressive about it. It seems like a risky thing to do after only two months when the flap of your lens takes 6 months to completely reconnect and heal. But sometimes after a shower I just want to clear the water out of my eyes with a quick rub. Or when I wake in the morning my eyes are a bit dry and itchy, and a quick rub clears that up. It's like having an itch I'm finally going to be able to scratch again.

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