Girl who dances in a cage (cagekitten) wrote,
Girl who dances in a cage

need help with this pole trick

You folks who read my LJ regularly know that the most rewarding thing about pole dancing for me is constantly surpassing what I thought were my own limitations. It's an incredible feeling to accomplish something that you've long admired others doing but always assumed you'd never be good enough or talented enough to do. The confidence and sense of accomplishment it gives you, positively effects every aspect of your life.

But now I've reached one of those tricks where I'm feeling a limitation I'm too scared to attempt to pass. Pictures and steps for the trick are below the cut. I'm open to suggestion, tips, offers to spot me or just something to tell myself to psyche myself up for it.

Some of you may remember me talking about how I finally did this trick. I did it a couple times but haven't been able to repeat it. And one of my most recent attempts actually hurt my hand. The problem is that I'm climbing up the pole and then sort of sitting on it and from there attempting to wrap my ankles around the pole. This has proved to be both awkward and dangerous. And I don't think it's meant to be started like that. Instead, you're supposed to do a cartwheel as illustrated below:

Get a running start:
fang trick 1

Hand stand:
fang trick 2

Fall backward onto the pole:
fang trick 3

Once you straighten your legs from there you can...
fang trick 4

...lock your ankles and let go with your hands (much safer than trying to climb up and lock your ankles and bend over backwards).

Here's the problem, it looks waaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy easier than it is. The pole is only two inches wide. And you hit it with such force that it is naturally going to hurt a bit. I was so afraid of missing the pole my first time and how much it would hurt when my spine slams into the pole, that I tried using packing tape to tape a large pillow to the pole. Because the pole is so thin and tiny, the tape wouldn't hold it up.

The last time N was over at my place, I had him hold the pillow against the pole. I still found myself too scared to try it. He finally told me he would do the trick so I could see it. Guess what...he tried it and missed the pole!! Instead of the middle of his back hitting the pole, the outside of one of his legs brushed the pole as he missed it and fell. I was counting on seeing him do the cartwheel successfully to gain the confidence to try it myself. Instead, now I'm even more scared to try it.

Any suggestion? Anyone experienced at spotting gymnasts (maybe I need an experience spotter)? I've never done a hand stand so this is a move that requires me to do something at a high speed that I have no idea how to control.

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