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I feel like a goth princess

What a fantastic night I had at the Vogue. It was fetish night; PVC and near nakedness abound. And Lance treated me the whole night.

I got to hang out with June and her girlfriend La'Malani. It’s been so long since I hung out with her at a club that I forgot what an amazing dancer she is. She used to be a go-go dancer. And she is amazingly and naturally beautiful. To behold this woman dance is like a gift. At one point in the night she gave me a little lap dance. And then gave me a quick lesson. Wow, I LOVE it when she teaches me dance moves. She reminded me that when lap dancing (although it’s more of a standing dance while the victim…errr…recipient sits on a stood) to always keep eye contact and MOVE SLOWER.

Nick and I danced all dirty on the pole. He lays on on the floor with the pole between his legs while I stradle the pole and I dance. At one point he told me to kneel down low on the pole while he did pole spins over me. Wow, that man can spin! And later I saw him do this dance where he leans against the pole, bends over, and dances sort of bent over. I had him show me how to do it. It’s sexy to watch.

rayce also danced on the pole later. Wow, that girl has some sexy pole moves! When I'm done watching her with my jaw hanging open, I really have to ask her to teach me some stuff.

There was this one beautiful woman there that night wearing a skin tight floor length PVC dress. And by her dance moves, you could clearly see she is a belly dancer. Men everywhere were vying for her attention, but she chose to give it to me. She came up to me while I was writhing around the pole and I learned I could manage a woman and the pole at the same time. Sensual, slowly, beautifully. I'm quite certain we made some men very happy that night...or just frustrated. I gave her my card. God willing, perhaps she will call me.

I ran into phelonyproducts. Her name is fitting, that girl is like a fire in that dark club; a bright, happy, fiery spirit. I am so glad I met her. Don't know why, but she makes me smile and giggle. I also saw seedmoon and a new lovely that he had in tow. Got a niiiice hug from him.

I got to dance with bdsm_teddy, that is always a rare treat. And throughout the night I learned to pole dance in moderation. I mean I always combine standing pole dance moves with the spinning. But I discovered I can still put on a bit of a show with just the standing moves. When I don't combine the two, it's easier on my back and gives me more stamina. I also discovered that my new PVC pants, in spite of how tight they are, can indeed handle the pole dancing and spinning without ripping. I had a spare pair of pants in the car, just in case this happened.

There was some obnoxious guy hitting on me that night, I think his name was Steven. Dude, you do not touch a girl unless you get direct permission or at least some flirty signals first. CLUE-LESS. And you most certainly do NOT touch her face. Faces are intimate, personal places. I reserve that kind of touching for lovers, or at least some one I wish was a lover. But you don’t touch the face of some one you just met – EVER!! Grrrr. He's lucky I didn't tell Lance about him. I'm sure Lance would have set him straight.

And speaking of Lance. Oh...five words...god he's good to me!

When the club closed we all poured out into the street. Outide I chatted with some of the TV's who recognized me from Utopia. I got a nice ravenmimura hug before I left. He was worried that his leather guantlets with metal rings would hurt me when he hugged me. But I was so caught up in the heavenly Raven snuggle that I didn't even notice them.

Lance and I stumbled to IHOP afterward with bdsm_teddy and Charles. I was exhausted, and after eating pancakes and eggs I leaned over and fell asleep in Lance’s lap. He practically had to carry me out of the booth. And as he went to pay the check, I half awake heard him ask bdsm_teddy to take care of me. I sat down on the bench near the cash register and just leaned up again bdsm_teddy. As I started to drift off to sleep again, I could feel him stroking my hair. My GOD that was heavenly! And not just because it felt good (I felt just like a cat, all ready to purr) but because it made me feel all safe and cared for. I knew I could fall asleep right there at the entrance to IHOP, because Lance and bdsm_teddy won't let anything happen to me. As some one who grew up completely unprotected and uncared for, this kind of thing is now like ecstasy to me.

Lance had to carry me to the car from IHOP, a good 4 blocks away! And for reasons I'll go into in another post, Lance could not stay the night. Which was a thorough disappointment to us both. I don't know, maybe it's for the best. But other than that, the night was wonderful. What happy, yummy, Vogue memories.

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