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Girl who dances in a cage

The verdict is in

Michael Jackson has been cleared on all 10 counts. I'm not going to comment on whether or not he's guilty but...

I do feel the need to comment on how many people assume he's guilty just because more than one person brought similar charges against him. Multiple charges do NOT equal guilt.

I've seen this in my own life and experienced it first hand. Accusations like these often have little to nothing to do with the person being accused and everything to do with the accusers. It has to do with their anger, their jealousy their frustrations, even rage from events in their lives that happened anywhere from their childhood to recently. Take any basic, college level psychology course and you'll learn that people's view of reality are filtered through past experiences.

Also one person taking their emotions out on a person like this often gives other people permission to do the same. I'm sure you've all heard the term "mob mentality". When people see others ganging up on some one they don't like, or are jealous of, it gives them a sort of permission in their minds to attack them without guilt or consequence.

And finally people tend to fill in the blanks in their minds and assume it is reality. One maid in the Michael Jackson case testified that she saw Michael's and the boy's clothes on the floor and heard laughter and the sound of the shower. Yet she later changed her testimony to say that she actually saw Jackson and the boy together in the shower. Your human mind can see evidence, like the sound of water running and the laughter and the clothes on the floor, and make assumptions. You can be so sure of your assumptions that you will testify to them in court. It's not that people are lying in this case, it's that they already had a biased view of Mr. Jackson, saw a few things and made assumptions and theories based on those things and had no problem testifying that their theories were facts because they truly believed them.

I've been the victim of some pretty horrible false accusations before and the sad thing was that multiple people backed up the accusation. Of course every one assumed they were true, they don't think more than one person would lie. What they didn't realize is that the accusations had nothing to do with me. There was no point for me to ever care about the accusations or take them seriously because they had nothing to do with me. They were actually about the accusers and their anger, their fears in life, and their experiences in the past that hurt them so much that they needed to seek revenge, have some control, or get out their anger the best way they knew how. People in pain need to cope any way they can, it's like two people drowning and one of them pushes the other down to try and float. They aren't bad people, they just do what they can to survive. And other people see this and for whatever need in their lives it serves, be it an emotion or a past trauma or an inadequacy in their own lives they need to heal or forget, they bought into the mob mentality and soon joined in, even if they were never involved. If it can happen to me, it can happen to Michael Jackson (only Michael Jackson didn't have the luxury of ignoring the accusations like I could, because they took him to court). I've also been in a car accident in which my light was green and another person ran the red light and T-boned me. Most people told the cops my light was green, but of course one witness told them I was the one who ran the red light. Because everyone's reality is different. Maybe they had an accident in their past where they were hit by some one who ran a red light. Our past traumas and experiences can completely skew and filter what we think we've seen or heard. I've seen people do this on numerous occasions. Michael Jackson's case may be the same, we can't know for sure.

We can express our opinions about the Michael Jackson case and his guilt or innocence. But they will always be that and nothing more...your OPINIONS. None of us can do any more than speculate and guess and theorize unless we were actually there in the courtroom seeing the evidence from both sides. And even then, we'd be making assumptions about the evidence based on our limited experience in life. In most cases, we never really know what happened. I certainly have no idea if he's guilty or innocent and wouldn't presume to know. I just think it's sad that in cases like this, we are so quick to buy into the mob mentality. I'm not saying he's innocent. What I'm saying is that if you think he's guilty, ask yourself what about you makes you believe it even though you weren't there? Do you just blindly assume that multiple accusations are always true? Do you think everyone always gives accurate testimony? Do you think it's impossible for multiple accusers to be wrong (remember Richard Jewel who was vilified by the entire country for bombing Olympic Park and yet later proved innocent? How did that happen? Millions of people were actually wrong). Or have you ever wanted to be rich? Have you ever wanted to be famous? Or have you ever wanted to be loved by millions and millions of people all over the world. Does seeing some one else have these things make you feel a certain way? And if so, could these feelings be influencing your decision about whether or not he should be guilty? Your reality, my reality, everyone's is influenced by hundreds of experiences, thoughts, beliefs, prejudices, and needs. Don't ever assume something is true just because more than one person believes it.

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