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Off to Fetish Night

I'm ready to go. I call Lance and ask, "aren't you ready yet?"

"No," he says. "Still putting on my make-up."

Funny thing, I had this exact same phone conversation with bitterfun when we were dating. Doh! But it's worth it, all the sitting around my bedroom waiting for a cute goth boi to show up and sweep me off me feet to the Vogue. Because goth boys are freakin' hot in their make-up and PVC. Oh god...are they ever!

Tonight I hope to have Starbursts (the drink), snuggles and tipsy kisses. I'll chat with June and all the friends that I run into there. Maybe a dance or two if my back allows. And my cute goth boi will no doubt take me home and tuck me in. I'm so comfortable with him that I don't even have a problem with him staying over, even though my room is wall to wall boxes and piles of clothes and bags as I haven't unpacked yet. Lance doesn't care what my room looks like. He doesn't care what anything is like. He just wants to be with me.

shivacat said to me today, "You two sure do spend a lot of time together."

My justification is "well he's only in town one weekend a month."

She says, "yeah, and then when he's here you spend a lot of time together."

*blink* *blink* "Ummm...oh."

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