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You all have been asking for them, so here's a few pics from Hawaii. I took a ton more and when I get back I'll edit them all and upload them to an album. I think I'll probably be posting the rest of them "friends only" so this will be one of my few public posts of Hawaii pictures. Enjoy!

This is what Hawaii looks like from the sky:

view from the plane

This is me standing over a volcanic steam vent. This is not the same vent described in a previous post. This one wasn't as concentrated, but rather spread out over a large area. And it wasn't raining at the time this was taken. I'm standing over miles and miles of volcanic rock. And those are pigtails by the way, just in case you wondered what those lumps on the side of my head were:

warm steam from the earth

Akaka falls:


This is Namaste, the white tiger at the zoo in Hilo. I also bought an adorable little stuffed Namaste to take home with me.


And I had no idea until I looked at the manual the other day, how much my new camera rocks. I haven't learned how to use all the features yet. But it has tons of different landscape settings, it can edit and rotate images, it can record sound only or video, it has a soft focus mode, it can take 3D pictures (3D glasses required to view them), it has a continuous shooting mode, it has a manual focus setting, you can set the exposure and contrast, you can play back the images on your tv directly from the camera, it takes pictures in black and white, and it even has an alarm you can set to remind you of things! All this and it fits inside an Altoid tin. I just wish I knew what setting to tweak to get good pics when the foreground is dark and the sky is light. Note the steam vent pic above. There were gorgeous clouds in the background above my head. But whenever I take pictures like that, the lighter color sky just gets washed out. What settings do I need to tweak to fix this problem? I'm losing a ton of great shots because I don't know how to do this yet.

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